FFP3 Foldable Respirator
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Ffp3 foldable respirator

  • Full certification
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CE certified

BFE ≥ 99%

FFP3 foldable respirator with CE certification from notified body. 

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Minimum Order:

10K pcs

Daily Capacity:

100K pcs

Lead time FOR 1M pcs (Reference TO EUROPE)

FOB China:

10-18 days

CIF Air Transit:

5-7 days

CIF Sea Transit:

30-45 days

Please send us an order inquiry for price and lead time confirmation.

Protection class FFP3 Foldable respirator masks offer maximum protection from breathing air pollution. The total leakage may amount to a maximum of 5% and they must filter 99% of all particles measuring up to 0.6 μm. This kind of mask also filters poisonous, oncogenic and radioactive particles. Protection class FFP3 masks are used in working environments transgressing the OEL by the thirtyfold industry-specific values. They are often used in the chemistry industry.

Read more about the meaning of FFP protection classes



Foldable style, Elastic headband, Adjustable Nose Clip, Civil Use, BFE ≥ 99%


4-layer Non-woven melt-blown fabric

Execution Standard:

Europe | FFP3 | EN 149-2001



Shipping & Packaging Info:

50 pcs per box
500 masks per carton
0.06 CBM per carton
Gross Weight: 4.9 KG
Volume Weight: 9.86

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How does a respirator mask work?

Filtering facepieces protect from respirable dust, smoke, and aqueous fog (aerosols), however they offer no protection from vapor and gas. The classifying system consists of the three FFP classes, the abbreviation FFP stands for “filtering facepiece”. A respirator mask covers mouth and nose and is constructed of various filter materials and the mask itself. Their use is mandatory in working environments exceeding the occupational exposure limit value (OEL). This is the maximal concentration of dust, smoke, and/or aerosols in our breathing air that won’t result in harm to health. In case of transgression, respirator masks must be worn.

Against what does a respirator mask protect?

Depending on the total leakage and filtering of particle sizes up to 0.6 μm, respirator masks ranging from FFP1 through FFP2 to FFP3 offer breathing protection for various concentrations of pollutants. The total leakage comes about based on the filter penetration and leakages in the mouth and nose area. Shaigoo Care respirator masks aim to avoid these by adapting our masks to human anatomy. 
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